Special Meeting September 3rd, 2019

Call to Order

The Charlevoix Township Board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with Board Members Christiansen, Rajewski, Witherspoon and Williams.

The City of Charlevoix Council Members: Mayor Luther Kurtz, Aaron Hagen, Shane Cole, Leon Perron, Tom Olesky, and Janet Kalbfell. City Clerk Joyce Golding and City Manager Mark Heydlauff.


Jennifer Kleitch, wildlife biologist was present during the discussion of the how to manage the deer population within the City and Township. The issues and options were discussed and it was stated that residents needed further education to reduce the deer coming into their yard (feeding, planting, etc.); the Township and City should work together; and to further review a managed hunt.

There were approximately 25 people present and many voiced their concerns on the issue.

The meeting adjourned at 6:08p.m. Respectfully submitted

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