September 21st, 2022 Planning Commission

Role Call

Members present: Mary Ann Ehinger, Dan Ulrich, Abbie Hart, Ben Owens and Ron Fratrick.

Minutes of the July 27, 2022: Ron Fratrick made the Motion with Owens supporting to approve the minutes as presented


Old Business

Short Term Rental Limit: Discussed that the Board approved the limit of 55 short term rentals. which will be added the ordinance

Storage building M-66: Mr. Pagoda was present to discuss the site plan and landscaping for the M-66 storage building. Hart made the Motion, Fratrick supporting, to approve the site plan with added landscaping. All in favor. Motion carries unanimously.

Master Plan: Discussed MTA recommendations for Master Plans. Books on this matter have been ordered for members.


New Business

Pine Point Plat information: Discussed the Pine Point Plat along with Mr. Moblo’s plans for building houses in Pine Point. Many residents were present with questions about the project. Discussed wetlands, lot sizes, need for housing, driveways, sewer, water connections, speed limit and safety.

Zoning Administrator’s Report: The report presented by Zoning Administrator John Ferguson was reviewed and discussed.

Public Comments: None

Correspondence: None

Meeting adjourned at 7:43pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.