September 16th, 2020 Planning Commission

Call to Order

Dan Ulrich called the meeting to order at 7:00pm in the Charlevoix Township Hall; Other members present: Ron Fratrick, Nancy Rajewski, Abbie Hart and Josh Glass.  

Minutes of the May 20, 2020 were discussed.  Hart moved that the minutes be approved, Fratrick seconded. A vote was taken and the Motion carried unanimously.

Old Business

The matter of the site plan submitted by the Chaikas in March, 2020 and rescinded in May, 2020, was discussed.   Attorney Joel Schraw spoke on behalf of the Chaikas spoke.  He presented the board with a handout which was discussed.  Mr. Schraw asks that the Board reconsider their decision in May and reinstate the approval or consider rezoning the land to commercial.

Public Comment:  Bob Chaika, has lived at Old 31 south for 36 years.  Feels that speed of traffic will not be a factor and that the campground is set far back enough and would not be visible.  He also pointed out the various commercial business on Old US 31.

Tom Barry, 6250 Old US 31 South, stated that of the roughly 50 houses on the street – 40 are on the petition against the proposed campground and does not want the campground in his backyard.

Andrea Miller, 6270 Old US 31 South spoke.  She lives two houses down from Chaikas.  She asked if research has been done to see how campgrounds effect the property values of the surrounding houses.  She mentioned the safety of her daughter.  Talked about her recent experience at Barnes Park and that the rules were not followed.  Also requested that that they give a written statement that the campground would not hurt property values.

Bradford Lewis, 06305 Old US 31 South.   Disagrees with the proposed business decision.  After reviewing the Master Plan and Ordinances and does not see how this fits into the Township Master Plan.  Believes that it will negatively affect home values in the area.  Feels that a traffic study and environmental study should be completed and stated that the increase in weekend traffic should be considered.  Had concerns about the campground failing and how that would affect the property.

Sara Hagan, Charlevoix.  If the board decides to stick with their decision, that they are able to through rezoning process, with other properties in the area that have been rezoned.  Feels that a campground would be a benefit to the community.

Jeff Chanda 6327 Old US 31 South.  His main issue is safety of the many adults, families, children in the area that are walking area and does not feel it is a good place for the campground.  

Attorney Joel Schraw addressed concerns:  He stated that property values would likely increase per the opinion of a realtor.   Concerns about a failed campground is not a real concern.  To address the safety concerns, he feels that campers and RVs would most likely slow traffic down.

The Board discussed the matter.  Rajewski has mixed feelings about the matter.  If the use isn’t named in the zoning ordinance, then it is not a use.  Believes that another campground is needed.  Feels that the matter needs to be looked into further.  Fratrick asked for clarification on if it was a RV park or campground (Chaikas indicated that it was for both RV and tent camping). Hart feels that they need to need to dig a little deeper into the matter.  Does feel a campground would be an advantage to the area   but feels deviate from the proper way to do things.  Do a better site plan review or possible rezoning. Glass stated that is seems like this would have a big impact and feels like more people supporting it.  Ulrich stated that Harry Golski’s opinion states that this is not a use that fits our ordinance.  Would consider a request for a zoning change.  It doesn’t fit into the ordinance as it is and to proceed would need to apply for a zoning change.  Feels that it is the only route to possibly make this happen. Rajewski suggested that the Chaika’s review the master plan when considering a rezone.  Ulrich stated that the master plan is a legal document that we are bound to.   

Public Comment:  Tyler Bier spoke.  He did the same thing in another township, started a brewery in agricultural land.  They made a special use permit in agricultural land.  Jeff Chanda stated that there are many differences between areas of Biers/campground.  Jim Guthrie, US 31, discussed property rights.  Feels that people are overreacting about a campground.  Rae Chaika questioned minutes from prior meeting.

Fratrick made the Motion, with Hart supporting, to table the issue for further consultation and research.  All in favor.   

Zoning Administrator’s Report was reviewed and discussed.  

Next meeting set for October 21, 2020.  

Correspondence:  Tip of the Mitt Watershed will be reviewing Master Plan, and give comments and recommendations

Meeting Adjourned at 8:21pm

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