September 14th, 2020


Call to Order

The Charlevoix Township Board Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with Board Members Christianson, Rajewski, Witherspoon and Williams.

The minutes of the Regular meeting held August 10, 2020 were accepted.

Financial Report

The financial report was given by Treasurer Williams. As of the end of August, the General fund was $248,425.63, the CD was $267,569.05, Water Department, $80,328.98, Fire Department $72,319.28, Fire Station Construction Fund, $816.92, Trust and Agency $1,372 and Fire Department Bond Retirement Account: $152,397.45.


Water Department:

Dan Riley gave a brief update. Two recent water main breaks were handled quickly. The location and marking of valves are almost complete.

Fire Department:

Fire Chief Dan Thorp spoke regarding raises for firemen. Currently at $25 per hour and $15 for second hour. The matter was discussed. Rajewski made the Motion, with Witherspoon supporting, to approve a raise to $30 for the first hour and $20 for hours after. Motion carried unanimously (with Christianson abstaining). (M-45-20)

Zoning Administrator: 

Zoning Administrator report was reviewed and discussed

Public Comment:Bo Boss of 9336 Pearl Street, spoke regarding a recent notice they received from the State, Department of Treasury, indicating that he was denied homestead. The matter was discussed. It was suggested that he contact the Township Assessor for guidance.

New Business

Marijuana Inquiry: Harry Golski was present to discuss options on marijuana establishments in the Township. Currently the Township does not permit this type of establishment and the planning for this would take considerable effort. Dan Ulrich offered his support and help, as to the work done on the medical marijuana ordinance completed by the Planning Commission. Joni Moore was present and spoke regarding how her retail marijuana business is run. Denny Corrado discussed his role as security and how he has helped other communities with their Ordinances. Joni then showed the Board a presentation from her computer and a discussion on the matter ensued. The next step is if the Board decides to replace current Ordinance and replace with a new one; should the matter be started with the Planning Commission or with the Board. Christianson made the Motion with Witherspoon supporting, to consider rescinding current opt out ordinance concerning recreational marijuana and replacing with new ordinance allowing recreational marijuana facilities.(M47-20) It was recommended that the matter be placed on the next agenda to be discussed in further detail.

Bill Payments: Rajewski made the Motion, with Christianson supporting, to allow the Clerk to pay the bills as presented. Motion carried unanimously. (M 48-20)

Public Comments: None

The meeting adjourned at 8:33p.m. Respectfully submitted

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URGENT!  South Side Charlevoix Township residents are asked to boil water for drinking and cooking until further notice.