September 12, 2022

Call to Order

Members present: Supervisor Chuck Center, Dan Ulrich; Kate Stewart and Sandy Witherspoon. Theda Williams was absent.

Agenda: Approved as presented

Minutes: Minutes of the August 2022 Meeting were approved as presented.

Financial Report

Betty Martin was present to discuss the accounts. At the end of August, the General Fund was $531,077.43, the water fund was $122,503.70, the Fire Department Fund was $261,404.50. Trust and Agency was at $1,090.67 and the Fire Station Debt Reduction was $171,622.69.


Water Department: Dan Riley was present to give an overview of the water department. Water production was up. No emergency water callouts. Talking with Dixon Engineering about the tower. Fist step is the design phase which will cost around $7,000.includes development of the project, bids and contract documents. We can proceed to the construction phase once that has been completed. nce that Is completed to the construction phase. It was recommended to step into the design phase to prepare for painting next fall. Having generator issues and both are repairable. Looking to install new controls on the south side to prepare for the paint job. Having issues on a few well sites with the signal being low due to the age of the equipment. Would like to switch to a cell based modem instead of radio. Peerless Midwest will install while they are here for other projects and will sell the modems. The Peerless Bid was $11,665. Riley recommends to get rid of the radios and go with the cell based modems for the PaBaShan and Country Club site. Discussed having Dixon Engineering meeting with the Board to review details and sign a contract. Witherspoon made the Motion, with Ulrich supporting, to upgrade to the controls at the cost of $11,665 All in Favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M-52-22) Discussed the second round of cross connection program.

Recreation Department: Dan Riley was present to discuss the Recreation Department. The mowing schedule was discussed. Would like to make some changes in irrigation. They are having issues with the baseball and playground recreation area which share the same water supply but with different timers. Would like to take both clocks and make it one clock so all irrigation clocks would be together. Can be turned on remotely. The bid to do this was $3,264.00. Would like to switch the baseball field heads along the dugouts to a rotor style head. The bid to replace them was $2,630.00 Stewart made the Motion with Ulrich approve both bids as discussed. All in favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M-53-22) Also discussed the two bids for installing gutters on the front of the Township building, the concession stand building and on the pumphouse by the baseball field. Bids received from Northern Michigan Seamless Gutter System bid for $2,860 and from Rainbow Seamless Systems for $3,541.44 Witherspoon made the motion, with Ulrich supporting, to approve the Seamless Gutter System bid for $2,860. All in favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M-54-22) Discussed the fencing along the baseball field and the soccer field.

Fire Department: Dan Thorp was present with a fire department update. 29 calls this month. They are picking up the firetruck for repair. Fans have been installed in the fire station.

EMS: Meeting on Wednesday. Hayes Township building under construction.

Zoning Administrator Report: Zoning Administrator John Ferguson’s report was reviewed and discussed.

Public Comment:

Kris Way and others were present to thank the Township for the pickleball courts. She stated that during the month of July they averaged of 38 people a day use the courts. Would like to increase the number of pickleball courts in the area.

Tom Moody, who lives in the Country Club, to discuss a complaint he has about the garbage bags that are piled by PaBaShan and Meaderline. The garbage is attracting animals.

Moody called the township with a complaint using the red bags for garbage for the Meaderlane and PaBaShan for red 15 to 20 bags of garbage and the animals feeding . Options discussed: Put out until the next day; change providers; wheeled carts; totes. The Township call GFL to discuss a possible solution.

Old Business

The Common Angle quote was discussed. There is a requirement from the insurance company to have security in place for cyber security. The cost is $664 per month, which includes all computers and laptops. Witherspoon made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to accept the Quote from Common Angle. All in favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M-55-22)

Northern Lakes Economic Alliance annual membership was discussed at the cost of $3,000.00. Stewart made ethe Motion with Ulrich supporting, to approve the membership. All in favor. Motion carried unanimously. (M-56-22)

FEMA floodplain Agreement for the National Flood Insurance Program. The Township was contacted by FEMA. The Township would need to accept and approve the new floodplain panels. Witherspoon made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to amend the Floodplain Management Ordinance 19-02. All in Favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M-57-22)

Skate Park: thank you received for contribution to skate park from Laura Stebe.

Correspondence: Mark Eckstein’s letter was acknowledged

Ulrich made the Motion with Stewart supporting, to allow the clerk to pay the bills. All in favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M-58-22)

Public Comment: Have had many positive comments on the condition of soccer fields.

Meeting adjourned at 7:59pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.