Planning Commission Nov. 20th, 2019

Call to Order

Dan Ulrich called the meeting to order at 7:00pm in the Charlevoix Township Hall; other members present: Ron Fratrick, Nancy Rajewski, Josh Glass and Abbie Hart.

Minutes of the October 16, 2019 Meeting were discussed. Hart moved that the minutes be approved, Fratrick seconded. A vote was taken and the motion carried unanimously.

Old Business

The status of the Eagles Nest Condominium was discussed. Mr. Ferguson stated that they are currently working on the project and may be ready by the spring.

Public Comments: Joanne Curtis inquired about the Krist gas station landscaping. Landscaping requirements were discussed. The sign ordinance was also discussed.

Public Comments: Alex Chaika spoke regarding the desire to start a campground and how to proceed. John Ferguson will meet with him to complete the application.

Public Comments: Maureen LaBlance spoke regarding her concerns short term rentals (STR). She gave the board a copy of the Petoskey ordinance regarding STR.

Public Comments: Matt Flynn spoke in favor of STR and expressed his willingness to help the Board in any way he could.

Zoning Ordinance Review for Short Term Rentals

The discussion of short terms rentals continued.

Harry Golski was present and discussed the method of controlling STR. There are two different powers that the Township has. The first one is through zoning wherein you would regulate with a special use permit. The problem with doing a zoning regulation is that zoning cannot change preexisting rights. The other power is under the police power (public health, safety and welfare). It would not matter if they had a preexisting issue, it would start fresh with the new license. If it is a police power action, that matter would go through the Township Board. The Planning Commission would make recommendations for the Board to review.

Issues discussed by the board:

  • Should have an application fee for license that will help cover the cost of the “policing” of the STR.
  • The consequences for breaking the rules should be fairly strong.
  • How to determine what is a violation and how to enforce it.
  • What is the owner’s reaction and how they curb the problems.
  • Owners need to be held accountable for their renters.
  • Police power action seems to be the correct way to proceed.
  • Is there any legal responsibility upon the township due to issues inspections.
  • It should be the owner’s responsibility to make sure that the property is properly equipped with fire extinguishers etc. The Township should regulate the use and how it effects the surrounding homes.
  • Require owner to have someone available within a set amount of time.
  • Need for a working meeting so the Board can get the matter worked out.

Zoning Administrator

John Ferguson gave a brief review of the matter he has been working on.



Next Meeting

  • Next regular meeting tentatively scheduled for December 19 (if there is something for the agenda)
  • Working meeting tentatively scheduled for December 12

The meeting adjourned at 8.35p.m. Respectfully submitted

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.