Planning Commission February 19, 2020

Call to Order

Dan Ulrich called the meeting to order at 7:00pm in the Charlevoix Township Hall; other members present: Ron Fratrick, Nancy Rajewski and Abbie Hart. Josh Glass was absent.

Minutes of the January 15, 2020 Meeting were discussed. Hart moved that the minutes be approved, Fratrick seconded. A vote was taken and the motion carried unanimously.

Regular Meeting suspended – opened up to Public Hearing:

Public Hearing at the request of Aster Brands for the purpose of receiving public comment pertaining to a request to rezone a parcel of land, parcel number: 004-035-030-00, currently zoned R2 residential. They would like to have it rezoned industrial, district I. It is currently owned by Empty Shell, LLC. The property is north of and adjacent to the former DME property, which is parcel number 004-035-023-00, which is south and extends north to Matthews Lane.

Jake Manthei, Jason Lake, Jim Malewitz (Performance Engineers, Inc.) and attorney Matt Vermetten, spoke on behalf of Aster Brands, describing what they have done and what the currently do at the plant, the proposed changes for the future and their need for rezoning.

Rebecca Millican, attorney for the residents of Pine Lake Club Association and residents of Matthews Lane; Dorothy Miller, Jim Shrier; Tom Sheridan; Pat Sheafer, Dean Davenport, Ashley Soltysiak, Tip Of the Mitt Watershed Council; Mark Swoish; Lynn Sprout, VP of Villas of Stover Creek; Stacey Gasior; Chuck Center; and Peggy Spang spoke.

General concerns stated were noise; location of dumpsters; wetlands; future usage of the site; questioned whether is met the criteria to be rezoned; environment; water runoff; surrounded by residential homes; debris;

Public Hearing closed at 8:42pm;
(short break taken)
Planning Commission Meeting resumes at 8:52pm

Old Business

Changes had been made to the proposed Short Term Rental Ordinance. The draft was given to attorney Golski for his review and comment.

Public Comment: Sherry Sproul spoke about short term rentals and possibly limiting vacation rental to owners. Also mentioned a scam of fake rentals on Craig’s List and issues that could arise from that. Ron Swoboda spoke regarding the City’s Short Term Rental and the issues that he sees with it.

New Business

The matter to rezone parcel #15-004-035-030-00 was discussed by the Board. Rajewski made the Motion, with Fratrick supporting, to deny the application for rezoning by Aster Brands. A roll call vote was taken with Rajewski, Fratrick and Ulrich in favor of the Motion; and Hart against the Motion. Motion carries.

Aster Brands proposed site plan for expansion was briefly reviewed. The matter will be discussed at a future meeting.

Correspondence: Discussed letter received from Charlevoix County Parks and Recreation Department. They have a public hearing next week to work on adopting a plan. Discussed the Charlevoix Township Planning Commission Public Hearing. An email was received from a planner in Harbor Springs which stated that we may need to update our Master Plan. This was discussed and deceived that it had been done recently.

Next meeting scheduled for March 18, 2020

The meeting adjourned at 9:30p.m. Respectfully submitted

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