October 8th, 2018

Call to Order

The Charlevoix Township Board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with Board Members Rajewski, Christiansen and Witherspoon present.  Williams was absent.

The minutes of the regular August 13, 2018 Board meeting were accepted with addition of Mr. Haggard’s comments regarding water samples.

New Business

The financial report was given by Supervisor Center. General Fund  $339,050.21; Water Fund $354,758.94 and Fire Department $93,635.08. 

Water Department:  Two quotes for a backhoe for the Kubota tractor were presented and discussed  One for the purchase of a backhoe and the other for a monthly rental of a backhoe.   Witherspoon made the motion, with Christianson supporting, to approve the purchase of a backhoe. Motion carried unanimously. (M-63-18)

They have set about 200 appointments set so far and talked about the possibility of doing a second round of mailing and what to do if a response is not received.  Discussed the setting deadlines for responses or an increase in cost or possible water shut off for those who don’t respond.  It was suggested that making the phrase “call to set up an appointment” more prominent.  Well number 3 is still off line and they think there is a bad spot in the wiring.  Discussed having to rewire south building.  Ted Felter could complete the wiring needs.

Fire Department:  Discussed a $2,619 quote for a MicroDock to calibrate meters and for an additional meter.  Currently the Coast Guard, if someone is available, will calibrate the machines or they can be sent out for calibration, which takes two to three weeks. .Rajewski made the motion with Witherspoon supporting, to approve the purchase of a MicroDock and an additional meter.  Motion carried unanimously.  (M-64-18)  The purchase of 10 additional jackets was discussed.  The cost for the jackets is already included in budget.  St. Marys Cement invited the Fire Department out.  The future needs of the Fire Department was discussed and the possibility of adding on to the South Side Fire Hall reviewed.

Public Comments:  Mr. Haggard asked why the 5 minute limit added.  Supervisor commented that it was a recommendation by the MTA.

New Business:  Discussed the bids for a flat rack for the 2006 plow truck.  Christianson made the motion, with Rajewski supporting, to approve the purchase of a flat rack for the plow truck Motion carried unanimously.  (M-65-18)

Discussed Resolution 18-010 promoting jobs and house.  Witherspoon made the Motion to pass the Resolution, with Christianson supporting.  Motion carried unanimously   (M-66-18)

Clerk Witherspoon updated everyone on the FOIA request regarding St. Marys and their tax abatement.  Payment was received and the packet was mailed.

Rajewski made the motion, with Witherspoon supporting, to allow the Clerk to pay bills presented.  Motion carried unanimously.   (M-67-18)

Public Comment:  Mr. Haggard discussed the brochure and read the resolution requesting that the Board go on the record to show that they do not support the legalization of recreational marijuana.   Supervisor Center stated that he spoke with MTA and stated that Board cannot advocate for issues on ballot.

The meeting adjourned at 7:49 p.m.

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.