October 12th, 2020


Call to Order

The Charlevoix Township Board Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with Board Members Christianson, Rajewski, Witherspoon and Williams.

The minutes of the Regular meeting held September 14, 2020 were accepted.

Financial Report

The financial report was given by Treasurer Williams. As of the end of September, the General fund was $507,696.77, Water Department, $85,423.58, Fire Department $99,192.51, Trust and Agency $1,918 and Fire Department Bond Retirement Account: $152,357.15. The adjustments to the budget were discussed.


Water Department:

Dan Riley gave a brief update. Discussed the issues with the well at the Country Club, a check valve failed and the issues with the south side on 66. Two bids were reviewed, one for $9,639 for two pump motors to fix country club well and a spare, and one for $2,922 to fix issues with the south side 66 well. The board agreed that this matter comes under regular, necessary maintenance. Charlevoix Estates needs a new meter, which was installed in 1991, is not reporting correctly and needs to be manually read. The matter was discussed. Williams made the Motion, with Rajewski supporting, for the Township purchase the meter for Charlevoix Estates. Motion carried unanimously. (M-49-20)

Fire Department:


Zoning Administrator: 

Zoning Administrator report was reviewed and discussed

Public Comment: Mary Ann Ehinger, who lives on Central Avenue in Pine Point. She discussed her complaints with the commercial rentals in R-1 neighborhoods. Discussed a letter of concerns sent to the board signed by twelve signatures.

Tom Richards, resident of Banks Township, and discussed the proposed easement for the bike trail, helping to promote and encourage the easement.

Old Business

Tax Abatement with Public Hearing. Buck Love Northern Michigan Economic Alliance to assist Charlevoix Warehousing with their plant rehabilitation, re-established in July, 2020. The tax abatement request will grant the company some tax relief. The building will be refurbished and create some jobs along the way. PRD tax abatement, which will allow them to freeze their tax at a lower lever while they are building their business and requests a Resolution to approve the matter.

The Township Board Meeting was adjourned at 7:33pm and Public Meeting began:

 Supervisor Center pointed out that this matter was approved in few years ago. There was no Public Comment on the matter.

The Public Meeting was adjourned at 7:34pm and the Township Board Meeting resumed.

New Business

Williams made the Motion with Christianson supporting, to adopt Resolution 20-010. Motion carried unanimously. (M-50-20)

A joint meeting with the Planning Commission and the Township Board will be held on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 7:00pm to discuss the recreational marijuana ordinance issue.

A request from Justin Perkins for a stand-on blower for maintenance department was discussed. Two quotes were reviewed and discussed. Christianson made the Motion, with Rajewski supporting, to purchase the stand-on blower for $9,351. Motion carried unanimously. (M-51-20)

Quarterly Bill from City of Charlevoix for EMS Services. The bill is for approximately $93,000. The increase is due to the negative revenue of the EMS service. The Township Supervisors and the City Manager are looking at developing an Authority to be in charge of the EMS service and would be allowed to levy millage. Rajewski made the Motion with Williams supporting, to the pay the EMS bill as submitted. Motion carried unanimously. (M-52-20)

Easement for bike trail. The proposed easement and resolution was reviewed and discussed. Discussed that if the bike trail fails, the easement would return to the Township. Williams made the Motion with Witherspoon supporting to approve Resolution 20-011 establishing the easement. Motion carried unanimously. (M-53-20)

Supervisor Update: The Township owns 60 feet of shoreline around North Pointe which adjoins property owned by the Hull family. They have shoreline damage and have contracted Site Planning to fix their shoreline property and they are repairing the adjoining Township shoreline at no cost to the Township.

Correspondence: None

Rajewski made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to allow the Clerk to pay the bills as presented. Motion carried unanimously. (M 48-20)

Public Comments: Mary Ann Ehinger spoke regarding short term rentals. Examples of safety and environmental concerns were pointed out.

The meeting adjourned at 8:08p.m. Respectfully submitted

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.