October 11th, 2021

Call To Order

The Charlevoix Township Board Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with Board Members Stewart, Williams, Ulrich and Witherspoon present.

The Minutes of the September 13 were accepted.

Financial Report

The financial report was given by Treasurer Williams. As of the end of September the General Fund was $218.278.28, the Water Fund was at $45,717.02, Fire Department Fund was at $177,324.34, Trust and Agency was at $1,360.84, the Fire Department Bond account was $154,335.68. The current budget was reviewed and discussed.


Water Department:

Dan Riley gave an over view: Dates were scheduled for hydrant flushing – Southside will be October 25-29 and the north side will be November 1-5; Color coding of the hydrants was discussed; There was a water quality complaint on a house on Mercer; Hydrant repairs were done; Well Two is almost back up and running; Working on cross connection inspections and found several businesses that need back flow installed; Valve turning is almost complete; Discussed the hydrant at the fire station, will cost $4,689 with parts and labor; Tower inspection for the South side is needed, the inspection costs $4,050.

Fire Department:

Dan Thorp gave an overview of the Fire Department; There were about 15 calls last month. Discussed the need for battery operated jaws on truck downtown. The cost is $50,000 for the complete battery operated set.

Parks and Recreation:

Justin Perkins gave an overview of the recreation department. Sports season is winding down. The Fertilizer spreader arrived and now waiting on the state for the license. Will do an application before the snow falls.

Zoning Administrator:

Zoning Administrator John Ferguson’s report was reviewed and discussed.

EMS Update:

Kate Stewart gave a brief overview on the EMS Authority and they have been very busy
with runs.

Public Comment: Elizabeth Postmus wanted to thank to the township for cleaning up the asphalt.

Old Business


New Business


Linda LaLonde spoke regarding her concerns about the American Disability Act and making the building accessible for handicapped individuals. The Township contacted Russ Smith with the Charlevoix County Building Department who came out and reviewed the building. He stated that the building meets the ADA requirements. She indicated that she feels that the building needs have a hands free door if it is a voting facility. Supervisor Center indicated that the Township will accommodate in any way possible.

Leaf pick up began today: A schedule has been prepared


Had a FOIA request from True North Law requesting information regarding previous election Also a FOIA request from the fire department.

Williams made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to pay the bills. All in favor. Motion carries. (M-61-21)

Public Comments: None.


Have had a few complaints about the water rates going up.

The meeting adjourned at 7:37pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.
The boil water advisory has been lifted