May 7th, 2022

Call to Order

Members Present: Supervisor Chuck Center, Dan Ulrich; Kate Stewart and Sandy Witherspoon. Theda Williams was absent.

Others present: Betty Martin, Dan Riley, Dan Thorp, Greg Seese; Dave Christianson, Justin Perkins, JB Hoyt; Mary Ann Ehinger, and Mark Snyder

Approval of the Agenda: approved as presented

The minutes of the regular meeting held on April 11 and the special meeting held on April 18, were approved.

Financial Report

Treasurer’s Report was read by Betty Martin. The General Fund was $613,660.07; does not including a check received for state revenue and still waiting on the second covid payment; The Water Fund $100,448.55.; The Fire Department is $109,388.65; Trust and Agency is $6,248.96; and the Fire Department Bond $182,198.95. An interest payment is due in June.


Water Department: Dan Riley was present to give an overview of the Water Department. Had one water complaint from a house on Stone Bridge. They will flush every week and then every other week. The south side hydrant flushing went well; north side flushing is this week; Charlevoix Estate meter has been installed; The old Kmart building meter needs to be done yet. Quotes for the water system SCADA updates were discussed; Ulrich made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to approve the Peerless Midwest quote for $69,250 for the water system SCADA updates. All in favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M-18- 22). The leased vehicle will be here soon. The new Water Department trailer worked great. Discussed the PaBaShan well radio that is not working well due to its age. The Water Report was discussed.

Fire Department: Dan Thorp was present to discuss the fire call report. Discussed the proposed updated Fire contracts. Will need to meet with the Townships/City to discuss the contracts and the proposed figures and how they were reached. Dan Thorp will arrange meeting with the City and each Supervisor to discuss.

EMS: Hayes Township voted on the approval for a loan for a new building. New ambulance should be here by the end of week.

Recreation Department: Justin Perkins was present to discuss the recreation department; getting things cleaned up. Spring clean up has started and should be done this week.

Zoning Administrator Report: Zoning Administrator John Ferguson’s report was reviewed and discussed.

Public Comment: Mary Ann Ehinger, Chairperson of the Charlevoix Township Planning Commission was present to discuss their review of the Master Plan. The Planning Commission will bring the recommendations to the Board for their consideration.

Old Business

The Mt McSauba water agreement was discussed. The last contract was completed in 2017. Several options were discussed. It was suggested that The Township give Mt. McSauba up to three million gallons and they take ownership of equipment – to be responsible for meter, backflow, testing, etc. Will present the proposal to the City.

New Business

A letter was received from Charlevoix Youth Soccer requesting permission to sell advertising banners and place them on the soccer field. Witherspoon made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to approve the request to place advertising banners (M-19-22). All in Favor. Motion carries unanimously.

There was a request from Charlevoix Youth Soccer for $535 to cover the overage in the cost of the nets that was not covered by the Grant. Witherspoon made the Motion. with Stewart supporting. to approve the $538 expenditure (M-20-22). All in Favor. Motion carries unanimously.

Mark Snyder was present to discuss the short term rentals in the area. He believes the reasons we have a housing problem is the lack of new construction, the cost to build and lack of tradespeople make it a challenge; Marketing has drawn new residents to the area; private equity groups purchase homes to hold for investment, keeping homes dark/unused; large companies buying hotels/resort for employee housing; and retirees coming to the area. Believes that short term rentals can be controlled with using the Ordinances already in place and educate property owners to dial 911 for those who don’t follow the Ordinances.

Public Comment: Suggested that short term rental issues continue to be reviewed. Discussed the possibility of a cap on amount allowed. The Township is part of a forum for county wide affordable housing.

Michigan Beach Access: The Michigan Avenue Beach access/walkway is eroded. A bid from Site Planning Development was reviewed and discussed. Witherspoon made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to approve the $2,500 bid from Site Planning Development to repair the walkway (M-21- 22). All in favor and Motion carries unanimously.

Old Senior Center Building: Bids for the former Senior Center will be discussed at the July 11th Board Meeting

Ulrich made the Motion, with Stewart Support, to allow the Clerk to pay the bills (M-22-22) All in favor Motion carries unanimously.

Announcements: None

The meeting adjourned at 8:33pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.