May 19th, 2021 Planning Commission

Call To Order

Abbie Hart called the meeting to Order. Other members present: Josh Glass, Mary Ann Ehinger, Ron Fratrick and Dan Ulrich

Other Present: Supervisor John Ferguson and Adam Pogoda

Minutes of the March 17, 2021 meeting were discussed. Fratrick made the Motion with Glass supporting, to approve the minutes. All in favor. Motion carried unanimously.

Old Business



New Business

Adam Pogoda, the representative of Pogoda Management Company was present to discuss his proposal for the old Kmart building and a portion of the parking lot. Proposed usage is for self-storage units. It was discussed adding berm/landscaping to make more aesthetically pleasing when first entering Charlevoix. Ulrich made the Motion, with Glass supporting, to approve the site plan as presented with the addition of screening and landscaping primarily along M-66/post office area. All in Favor. Motion passed unanimously.

Zoning: Zoning Administrator John Ferguson’s report was reviewed and discussed, including the status of the short term rental ordinance.



Discussed the possibility rezoning industrial property on Ferry Road to R-1 or R-2. May be addressed further when reviewing the Master Plan

Zoning Board of Appeals is made up of three people: currently Margo Johnson, Chairperson, with Dan Ulrich as board representative and Chuck Center as the third member. Chuck Center is willing to remain on the ZBA. Inquired if any was interest from the present board about in being on the ZBA.

New Planning Commission member Mary Ann Ehinger was welcomed.


The meeting adjourned at 7:45pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.