May 10th, 2021

Call To Order

The Charlevoix Township Board Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Kochanny with Board Members Stewart, Ulrich, Williams and Witherspoon.

The minutes of the meeting held April 12, 2021 were accepted. Sandy Witherspoon made the Motion to approve the minutes, with Kate Stewart supporting. Motion carried unanimously. Minutes were approved.

Financial Report

The financial report was given by Treasurer Williams. As of the end of April, the General Fund was $684,860.29, the Water Department, $66,176.44; Fire Department $16,006.81; Trust and Agency $5,745.89, Fire Department Bond Account $168,108.55. The proposed budget adjustments were discussed. Witherspoon made a Motion, with Stewart supporting, to make the adjustments as proposed. All in favor (M-26-21) Motion carries unanimously.


Water Department:

Dan Riley gave updates on the water department. The spring hydrant flushing has been completed. The Consumers Confidence Report was submitted to the State and has been approved. Everything is running well.

Fire Department:

Nothing at this time.

Zoning Administrator.

The report submitted by John Ferguson was reviewed and discussed. Discussed having more information be available about the requirement to register short term rentals and placing ads in local papers.

Parks and Recreation:

Justin Perkins gave an update on Parks. Getting ready to get courts resurfaced. Trees are in the process of being removed. The trees have caused damage to the courts.

Public Comment: Karen expressed her concern on the removal of trees and the addition of a pickle ball court was discussed and it was suggested that they talk to others. She pointed out that tennis courts can be used for pickle ball courts but a pickle ball court cannot be used for a tennis court.

Dan Thorp discussed the need to remove the trees because of the damage they do to the courts.


Old Business

EMS Authority: Stewart gave an update on the EMS Authority’s progress. The Authority has been established. Williams made the Motion with Witherspoon supporting, to pay Stewart $100 for each meeting she attends, to be reimbursed by the Authority once it begins collecting funds. (M-27-21) all in favor with Stewart abstaining. Motion passed. Discussed the millage needs and the buildings that will be constructed in different areas for the authority to have coverage to all areas and costs for were discussed.


New Business

Planning Commission: Discussed the opening in the Planning Commission and proposed the appointment of Mary Ann Ehinger to the Planning Commission. Williams made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to appoint Mary Ann Ehinger to the Planning Commission. (M-28-21) all in favor. Motion passed unanimously.

Water Department Presentation: Discussed proposal for upcoming projects DC Coulier was present to discuss Well 7. Proposal for increase in water rates was discussed. The Board asked Riley to prioritize the top projects needed in the Township. The Board will review and discuss the issues and will address the matter at a future meeting.

Fire Department: Dan Thorp gave an update on Greg, who hurt himself. He will be out one to four weeks. Dan and Russ are covering his work for the time being. The Fireworks Policy was discussed. The Fire Department gave been asked to do “stand bys” for consumer grade fireworks. He feels that it is a liability to the Township. Attorney Jarema and Chief Thorp will draft a policy for the Township. He also discussed the needs for contracts for Murray Road and Norwood.

Supervisors Update: Supervisor Kochanny gave an update on the office/building remodel and improvements.

Correspondence: Received email correspondence through website; Discussed letter from Priority Health about health care plan

Stewart made the Motion, with Ulrich supporting, to pay the bills as submitted. Motion carried unanimously. (M-29-21)

Public Comments: Elizabeth Calcutt, project manager with the Nakwema Trailway was present to share update on the progress of the Trailway.

Discussed the trash pick up.

Witherspoon made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to adjourn the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:47pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.