March 14th, 2022

Members Present

Kate Stewart, Dan Ulrich, Sandy Witherspoon and Theda Williams. Supervisor Chuck Center was absent.

The minutes of the January 10, 2022 meeting were approved.

Financial Report

General Fund was $607,310.70, Water Fund was $94,209.47, Fire Department Fund $111,622.36, Trust and Agency was $5,163.36 and Fire Department Bond was $ 173,290.46. The Budget was reviewed discussed. Discussed the need to move money into repairs and maintenance by taking $4,000 from connection expense and add $3,000 to repairs and maintenance and add $1,000 to fuel. Williams made the Motion, with Stewart Supporting, to adjust the budget as discussed. All in favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M-06-22)


Water Department:

Dan Riley was present to discuss the water department. The inspection came back for the South tower. The painting on the inside was rated as poor and dry interior as fair and should be fixed within two years. The North tower wet interior needs to be painted as well. South tower was estimated at $200,000 to paint, with the north Tower estimate of $100,000. Dixon Engineering offers financing. Riley would like to have controls set up before the tower goes offline. There may be an available discount if towers are done one after the other. Discussed if there is State money available for this and how to save enough money to pay for the upkeep. Will look further at grants and funding. Discussed raising rates on towers and raising water rates in small, consistent amounts. Bulk water sales were discussed. Recommended that a fee be set or do away with bulk sales. The old plow truck died (transmission/transfer case/electrical issue) Van on the water side is at the end of its life. Discussed leasing vehicles. The van would need to be replaced first with a cost of approximately $50,000 then the pick-up truck with an estimate of $65,000.

Fire Department/EMS:

EMS: Hayes Township is looking at putting addition on fire station and Lake Charlevoix EMS will man it 24/7. Ordered new van for transfers and looking at another at auction.

Fire: The Fire Department report delivered by Chief Thorp was reviewed and discussed. Talked about placing the tanker truck purchase on hold for the next few months; can not get an accurate price. Will regroup and work out plan to save for the large expenses.

Parks and Recreation:

Justin Perkins was present to discuss the recreation department. Perkins received his certification for fertilizer license; he is repairing signs; discussed proposed fertilization plan – fertilizer will be around $9,000 and the cost efficiency of doing it on our own. Discussed the grant submittal for tennis court screening to the Charlevoix County Community Foundation.

Zoning Administrator:

Supervisor John Ferguson’s report was reviewed and discussed. STR application needs to be changed slightly.

Public Comment: JB Hoyt discussed the capital items and offered to help make a plan to prepare. Suggested the Board use MTA as a resource.

Old Business

Old Senior Center was discussed. Ginger Stevens sent a proposal to discuss their ideas of repurposing the building. The City of Charlevoix has discussed purchasing the building. Board will reach out to the City. Discussed the need for an appraisal. Stewart made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to contact Michigan Appraisal to obtain an appraisal on the Old Senior Citizens Building. All in Favor. Motion Passed unanimously. (M-06-22)

New Business

The Poverty Exemption Policy and Guidelines Resolution #22-002. Witherspoon made the Motion with Williams supporting to adopt Resolution #22-002. All in favor. Motion passed unanimously. (M-07-22)

Recreation Authority Appointment: Kent Knorr has been appointed to the Recreation Authority. Witherspoon made the Motion with Stewart supporting to approve Kent Knorr on the Recreation Authority. . All in favor. Motion passed unanimously. (M-08-22)

Planning Commission Appointment: Williams made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to approve the appointment Dana Fields to the Planning commission. Motion passed unanimously. (M-09-22)

Sherry Sproul sent an email to the Township to discuss sewage smell at the end of McSauba. Refer the concerns to the Health Department.

Zoning: Bryan Noirot’s zoning request to change designation from Agricultural to PRD(Planned Residential Development). It was reviewed and approved by Charlevoix County. Witherspoon made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to approve the zoning change. All in favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M-10-22)

Update from Township Supervisor: None.

Williams made the motion, with Stewart supporting, to approve the Motion to pay bills. All in favor. Motion passed unanimously. (M-11-22)

Public Comments: None

Announcements: None

The meeting adjourned at 8:33pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.