June 28th, 2021 Planning Commission

Call To Order

Abbie Hart called the meeting to Order. Other members present: Josh Glass, Mary Ann Ehinger, Ron Fratrick and Dan Ulrich

Other Present: Supervisor John Ferguson, Aaron Nordman and Bob Berg

Old Business


New Business

Bob Poltey, representative for Bob Berg and Aaron Nordman from Performance Engineers, Inc. were present to discuss a site plan for a proposed for a two-bay car wash with detailing area. Discussed the need to move the billboard as far south as possible. The site plan was reviewed and discussed. The need for landscaping was discussed. Fratrick made the Motion with Ulrich supporting, pending landscape plan, to approve the site plan. All in Favor. Motion carries unanimously.

Zoning Administrator’s Report: Zoning Administrator‘s report was reviewed and discussed. The current status short term rentals were discussed.

Other: Hart and Kochanny attended a telephone conference with the Tip of the Mitt Watershed to discuss a few suggested changes to the Master Plan pertaining to water aspect.

The meeting adjourned

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.