June 13th, 2022

Call to Order

Members Present: Supervisor Chuck Center, Dan Ulrich, Kate Stewart, Sandy Witherspoon and Theda Williams

Approval of the Agenda: approved as presented

Witherspoon made the Motion with Williams supporting, to accept the May 9, 2022 Minutes as presented. All in Favor. Motion carries. (M-23-22)

Treasurers Report: Treasurer Theda Williams was present to give an update on funds. Proposed budget adjustments were reviewed and discussed. Witherspoon made the Motion, with Ulrich supporting, to approve the proposed adjustments. All in favor. Motion carries. (M-24-22)


Water Department: Dan Riley was present to give an overview of the water department. Water production is up. There are four meters left to replace. PFAS sampling on well on quarterly sampling. Bulk meter installed on North side and will be installed on south side soon.

Fire Department: Dan Thorp was present to discuss the fire department. There were 26 calls last month, including an assist in Ellsworth and Elk Lake. A truck involved in accident. Practice burn did not happen yet.

Recreation Department: Justin Perkins was present to discuss the status of the recreation department. Fields are ready with a baseball tournament beginning this weekend.

Zoning Administrator Report: Zoning Administrator John Ferguson’s report was reviewed and discussed. The Master Plan has been reviewed with no issues found. It will not be revised until the new census numbers have been received.

EMS: Recently broke ground for the North side ambulance station. Ambulance runs are higher than last year.

Public Comment: Cheryl Potter Browe spoke about her running for County Commissioner to replace Shirley Roloff.

Old Business

The Equalization Department has a uniform address issue with Cedar/Sunset Trail. The matter was reviewed and discussed. Patty Misrach’s letter read ; Debra and John Pierson and Annie Butcher expressed that they would not like to change their address; George Lenyo was present to discuss. He would like to keep the road the same. Witherspoon made the Motion, with Ulrich supporting, to approve Resolution to change Sunset Lane to Cedar Lane. All in favor. (M-25-22)

New Business

Set Time and Date for Year End Budget Meeting: Ulrich made the Motion, with Williams supporting. to hold the year und budget meeting at 10am on June 30th. (M-26-22)

Mt. McSauba: The water agreement between the Township and the City was reviewed and discussed. Stewart made the Motion, with Williams supporting to approve the contract. All in favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M27-22)

EMS property purchase: Discussed the Township property on old 31 and 31. EMS may purchase at the purchase the property at the purchase price. Williams made the Motion, with Ulrich supporting, to give the Lake Charlevoix EMS Authority the right of first refusal on the property. Motion passed unanimously. (M-28-22)

Planning Commission would like to appoint Ben Owens to fill a vacancy on the Planning Commission. Witherspoon made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to approve Ben Owens as a new member to the Planning Commission. (M-29-22)

Township Open House: Would like to hold an open house to thank retirees. Dates and times were discussed. August 14 from 1-4 was decided.

Tax Receipts: Discussed if mailing out tax receipts was necessary. It is not a requirement. It was decided that a tax receipt will be given upon request.

Williams made the Motion, with Stewart supporting to pay the bills. All in favor. Motion Carries unanimously. (M-30-22)

Public Comments: None

Announcements: None

The meeting adjourned at 8:02pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.