June 13th, 2022

Call to Order

Ehinger called the meeting to order in the Charlevoix Township Hall. Other members present: Dan Ulrich, Ron Fratrick, Abbie Hart and Ben Owens

The Minutes of the April 2022 Meeting were discussed. Abbie Hart made the motion with Dan Ulrich supporting, approve the minutes as presented. All in favor, Motion carries unanimously.

Introduction of new member, Ben Owens.


Attorney Mike Corcoran was present, along with Aaron Nordman from Performance Engineers, to discuss the Bolander’s property where a seawall, a splash pad and permeable pavers had been installed. Mr. Corcoran read Section 3.13 of the Charlevoix Township Zoning Ordinance. A gazebo was already moved. The Planning Commission will review the information provided by attorney Corcoran and review the matter further at the July, 2022 meeting.

Dan Ulrich recently attended a conference and read information regarding natural shorelines into the record. The matter was discussed. It was mentioned that the Planning Commission is not considered police protectors of the lake, but if something comes to their attention, a complaint or comment made, the matter has to be investigated and has to be noted.

Master Plan Title Page was discussed.

The possible amendment to the Short Term Rental Ordinance was discussed. Compared local STR Ordinances and how they have handled different situations and explored the best way to place to limit number of rentals. In favor of geographical cap along with a numerical cap. Discussed Host Compliance services or a similar company to help with monitoring, compliance and enforcement of STR. Abbie Hart will contact Host Compliance for a demonstration at a future meeting.

Old Business

Barry Hicks of the LIA will be here next month to review 2016 Shoreline Protection Act.

Next meeting date scheduled July 20, 2022 was discussed.

Mary Ann Ehinger handed out packets she received from a recent conference. They were reviewed and discussed.

New Township Planning and Zoning Decision Making books and the Township Guide to Planning and Zoning have been purchased and are available in the office.

Dan Ulrich and Mary Ann Ehinger both attended Lake Charlevoix Day and indicated that it was informative.

Zoning Administrator: The report submitted by Zoning Administrator John Ferguson was reviewed and discussed.

Public Comment: None

Correspondence: None

The meeting adjourned at 8:13pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.