July 9th, 2018

Call to Order

The Charlevoix Township Board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with Board Members Rajewski, Christiansen, Williams and Witherspoon present.

The minutes of the regular June 11, 2018 Board meeting, the June 19 Special Meeting and the June 25 Budget Meeting were accepted as presented.

The financial report was given by Treasurer Williams. As of the end of the June: General Fund  $518,615.32; Water Fund $399,431.82 and  Fire Department $1,379.75. 

Fire Department Update – No updates.

New Business

Aaron Nordman of PEI gave an overview of the water department.  There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of water produced in the past month.  Continued with routine maintenance and repairs.  Wells are cleaned and flushed and in a regular rotation except 3.  Two service taps went in: one went in easily; the other was much more difficult.  It will be a good comparison for tap fees.  The City provided use of their vacuum truck to help with the locations side. Well #3 on the south side go out of service.  They found shale fragments lodged in the check valve.  The cost to replace the pump is approximately $6,000.  PEI recommends some investigative work prior to replacing the pump so the same issues does not occur. A camera to check out two wells will cost around $1,000.  He also recommends an aquifer test, with an estimated cost of $7,500.  The north well #4 recently went out of service and believe it is an electrical problem.  They will enlist Ted Felter for this work. A proposal for the proposed meter replacement program was submitted and the various meters were discussed. Williams made the motion, supported by Witherspoon, to allow Performance Engineers to proceed with the Badger Cell Based Fixed meter and obtain more specific costs. Motion carried unanimously (M-42-18)

Public Comments were made about monthly fee of the meters.  Suggested that it monthly fee should be negotiated.

Charlevoix Township Millage Proposal for a new fire station was discussed.  Attorney Harry Golski was present with information and to answer questions. Under the bond, which will be submitted on the ballot and taxpayers will vote to levy a millage on their property.  The proposal will set an authorized amount of money to be borrowed.  The millage proposal locks in the number of years and amount of money to be borrowed.  The only thing that can float is the actual millage rate.  You can only levy the amount necessary to pay principal and interest on the bond.  The Board needs to consider if they want to retain Mika Meyers and Mr. Nettlemen to take this further and prepare language for a ballot issue that would be on the November ballot.  Due to the amount of money to be borrowed, it is necessary to retain the services of a registered municipal financial advisor. 

Motion by Christianson and supported by Williams to: (1) proceed with the proposed Township fire hall project, (2) direct that a resolution be prepared for consideration by the Township Board to approve ballot language to be submitted to the Township electors at the November 6, 2018 general election on the question of the issuance of the Township’s unlimited tax general obligation bonds in the estimated principal amount of $1,800,000 for a period not to exceed 20 years, and (3) engage Mika Meyers PLC to (a) assist the Township as special legal counsel in the preparation of the ballot proposal, and (b) serve as bond counsel for the issuance of those bonds if the ballot proposal is approved by Township electors.  A roll call vote was taken all were in favor.  Motion carried unanimously. (M-43-18)  A special meeting would need to be held to authorize Township to deliver information to clerk for the ballot. 

A Motion was made by Williams and supported by Rajewski to allow Supervisor Center to sign the engagement letter with Robert Baird and Associates, subject to approval by Township attorney and special Township attorney for bond matters  Motion carried unanimously. (M-44-18)

Bids for various tractors were reviewed and discussed.  Dan Riley recommends the Kubota based on reviews by mechanics and the implements that come with it are commercial grade.  Williams made the motion, supported by Christianson to purchase the Kubota tractor for $54,200. Motion carried unanimously (M-45-18) 

Security camera bids for the south side were reviewed and discussed. Witherspoon made the motion, supported by Rajewski, to allow the purchase of cameras for the south side. Motion carried unanimously (M-46-18)

Tim Grill, Township resident, spoke regarding the need for a burning regulation for the Township, which goes beyond the DNR requirements.  He has family members with asthma and the smoke isn’t good for her to breathe the smoke.   Attorney Golski commented that a Township burn regulation would be tough to enforce.  The Board will take the matter under consideration.

Supervisor Center scheduled a tour of maintenance buildings and well locations throughout the Township for August 13 at 5:00pm, prior to the next Board Meeting.

Christianson made the motion, with Williams supporting, to allow the Clerk to pay bills presented and appropriated. Motion carried unanimously.   (M-47-18)

Public Comments:  Vince Currier commented that the Pie needs to be power washed and painted.  Feels it needs to be kept up it will deteriorate.  Dan Riley will look into it further. John Haggard suggested that the Township look for donations to reduce the amount of the Bond.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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