July 27th, 2022 Planning Commission

Role Call

Members present: Mary Ann Ehinger, Ben Owens and Ron Fratrick. Dan Ulrich and Abbie Hart were absent.

Minutes of the June, 2022: Fratrick made the Motion, with Owens supporting, to approve the minutes as presented.

Old Business

Amendment to the Charlevoix Township Short Term Rental Ordinance; Discussed STR Ordinance caps; There are currently 42 STR licenses with 5 more in the process. Fratrick made the Motion, with Owens supporting, to approve including the cap of 55 Short Term Rentals to an amendment to the Charlevoix Township Zoning Ordinance, which will be given to the Charlevoix Township Board for their approval.

A STR rental management company was discussed.

CVX Sky Condominiums Air Hangars: Aaron Nordman was present to discuss Charles Hevey’s proposed site plan. Discussed making sure landscaping is completed on any areas that may be viewed by U.S. 31. Zoning Administrator John Ferguson recommended approval of the site plan. Fratrick made the Motion, with Owens supporting, to approve the site plan as presented. All in Favor. Motion carries unanimously.

Zoning Administrator’s Report: The report presented by Zoning Administrator John Ferguson was reviewed and discussed.

Lee Maynard was present, along with Tom Darton and Alberto Delle Torre from Tip of the Mitt was present to discuss Lake Charlevoix Shoreline Protection.

Discussed the vision for Charlevoix Township shorelines. Further information can be located at: www.lakecharlevoixprotection.org.

  • Discussed the problems of beach sanding;
  • seawall replacing shorelines;
  • Helping residents understand why these rules are in place and the responsibility for waterfront
  • 38 parcels that haven’t been hardened and could be maintained;
  • Problem with docks;
  • Bubbling issue is under the radar at this point; and
  • Charlevoix Township currently has a 25 foot shoreline protection setback; feels that it should be
    a 50 foot setback.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.