July 13th, 2020

Call to Order

The Charlevoix Township Board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with Board Members Christianson, Rajewski and Williams present. Witherspoon arrived at 7:12pm

The minutes of the Regular held June 8, 2020, and Annual Budget Meeting held June 29 were accepted.

Financial Report

The financial report was given by Treasurer Williams. As of the end of June, the General Fund was at $703,409.98, Water Fund was at $136,855.19, the Fire Department was at $14,972.92, Fire Station Construction Account has $0 and the Bond Redemption $ 152,397.45 and Trust and Agency at $1.00


Water Department: A bid for $49,872 for a vacuum, mainly used on valves, was reviewed and discussed. Christianson made a Motion, with Rajewski supporting, to purchase the vacuum. Motion carried unanimously. (M-29-20)

Casey Riley’s employment status was discussed. He has been working full time for approximately two years. Christianson made a Motion, with Rajewski supporting, to consider Casey Riley a full time employee, with benefits. Motion carried unanimously. (M-30-20)

Dan gave an update on the progress of the GIS system.

Fire Department: Discussed the purchase of a tanker from the City. Williams made the Motion with Witherspoon supporting, to purchase the tanker from the City of Charlevoix, by paying four quarterly payments of 12,500. Motion carried unanimously. (M-31-20)

Public Comment: Derrick Carroll, who lives on Golf Side Drive, discussed the issue of the horse at his neighbor’s house. He questioned how zoning is regulated. The matter will be taken care of. Tom Schultz also spoke regarding the enforcement of township zoning regulations.

Resolution #20-08 was read, which is a renewal of 2 mills for 5 years, used for water improvements, sewer and roadwork. Christianson made the Motion, with Rajewski supporting, to accept the Resolution. Motion carried unanimously. (M-32-20)

New Business

Luther Kurtz was present to discuss an easement through the Fire Station property for a proposed bike path/trail. Williams made the Motion with Rajewski supporting, to approve the path going through the Township property. Motion carried unanimously. (M-33-20)

Ryan Deery, of the Charlevoix Public Library, was present to discuss the appointment of Kevin Dietrich as the Township’s representative of the Library Board. Christianson made the Motion, with Witherspoon supporting, to approve Kevin Dietrich as the Township representative. Motion carried unanimously (M- 34-20)

The wildflower maintenance proposal was discussed. The matter was tabled as MDOT may be doing some work in that area.

Buck Love, of Northern Lakes Economic Alliance, was present to help facilitate to process of establishing a Planned Rehabilitation District on behalf of Charlevoix Warehousing (T Pearsall/R Matye). The Board had previously approved the PRD in 2018. The company then chose not to pursue at that time. The time limit ran out on that approval and that matter needs to reapproved.



Tony Pearsall spoke about repairing the building on the corner of Martin Road/US 31 – Owned by Charlevoix Warehouse (T. Pearsall/R. Matye). Working on basic repairs (walls/roof) and will work forward from there as they are able. The only difference in the 2018 resolution to the current resolution is the name.


The matter was discussed. It was noted that John Haggard wrote encouraging approval of the resolution. Christianson made the Motion, with Rajewski supporting, to approve Resolution #20-009. Motion carried unanimously. (M-35-20)

Updates: None

Correspondence: None

Rajewski made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to allow the Clerk to pay bills presented. Motion carried unanimously. (M-36-20)

Public Comments: None

Planning Commission scheduled to meet on Wednesday.

The meeting adjourned at 7:58p.m. Respectfully submitted

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