July 11th, 2022

Call to Order

Members present: Supervisor Chuck Center; Kate Stewart; Sandy Witherspoon; and Theda Williams. Dan Ulrich was absent.

Agenda: Approved as presented

Minutes: Stewart made the Motion, with Witherspoon supporting to approve the June 13, 2022 minutes as presented. All in favor, motion carries unanimously. (M-40-22)

Financial Report

Treasurers Report: Treasurer Williams was present to give an update on funds. At the end of June, the General Funds was at $418,075.48; the Water Fund was at $65,566.99; and the Fire Department was at $264,246.35; Trust and Agency was $1.00; and the Fire Station Millage Bond Reduction account was at $171,622.69. Adjustments to the 2022/2023 Budget were discussed. Stewart made the Motion, with Witherspoon supporting, to approve the adjustments to the budget as discussed. All in favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M-41-22)


Water department: Dan Riley was present to give an overview of the water department. They have cleaned some valves and working on valve turning. Received one water complaint. Have had 198 Miss Dig calls so far this year. Gave an update on the wellsite communication controls. Reviewed issues with PaBaShan well site. Will be working on partial chemistry and PFAS sample this month. Working on updates to GIS/mapping.

Fire Department: Dan Thorp was present to discuss the Fire Department and the recent calls were reviewed and discussed. Quotes received from Wilmot and Shoreline to install fans in the Fire Hall were reviewed and discussed. Witherspoon made the Motion with Williams supporting, to approve the Wilmot bid for $5,600 (M-42-22)

Recreation Department: Justin Perkins was present to the status of recreation department. Ball fields are being used. Shields for the tennis courts will be installed soon. Pickle Ball/Tennis Courts usage was discussed.

Zoning Administrator Report: Zoning Administrator John Ferguson was present to discuss his activity report.

EMS: Kate Stewart was present to discuss the status of the EMS Authority. They got their loan for the Northside station; Had a recent groundbreaking and the footings are in.

Public Comment: None

Old Business

Greg from Peterson, McGregor was present to review insurance needs. Two vehicles have been sold and need to be removed from coverage. Stewart made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to accept the Proposal of insurance, with adjustments. All in favor and Motion carries unanimously. (M-43-22)

New Business

Venetian Festival Contribution: A letter from Dan Barron regarding support for the Charlevoix Venetian Festival was reviewed and discussed. Witherspoon made the Motion to approve $7,500. A roll call vote was taken. All in favor. Motion carries. (M-44-22)

Common Angle Computer Quote: The purchase of laptops for water department and recreation department were discussed. Will wait until the updated quote is received.

Former Senior Center: Bids received for the former Senior Center was reviewed and discussed. There are three bids: $176,000 from Al Shindorf; a letter from the City of Charlevoix with no amount; $150,000 from Todd Wyatt; and $33,000 from Whitley Investments . Williams made the Motion with Stewart supporting, to accept the Shindorf bid of $176,000. All in favor. Motion carries. (M-45-22)

Update from Supervisor: Met with all fire service contracts and believe that all five have approved new amounts.

Stewart made the Motion with Williams support to pay the bills as presented. (M-46-22)

Public Comment: None

Announcements: None

Meeting adjourned at 8:07pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.