February 1st, 2021 Special Meeting

Call To Order

The Charlevoix Township Board Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Kochanny with Board Members Stewart, Ulrich, Williams and Witherspoon.

Others present: Dave Christianson, Dan Thorp, Dan Riley, Jesse Silva, Jonathan Scheel, TL Schaevsky.

The Resignation Letter of Harry Golski was reviewed and discussed. Stewart made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to accept the resignation of Mr. Golski with many thanks for his service. (M-05-21) The matter of future legal representation was discussed. Williams made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to hire John Jarema as interim attorney for a period up to six months. The Board will meet and discuss the matter at a future meeting. A role call vote was taken and the Motion passed unanimously. (M-06-21)


New Business

EMS Authority

EMS Authority options were discussed. Stay as it is; County Wide Authority with approximately 21 entities or a small Authority including the City of Charlevoix, and the Townships of Hayes, Charlevoix, Marion, Eveline and Norwood. A millage would have to be voted on for Charlevoix Township. Jesse Silva added information to help clarify the options. Williams made a motion, with Witherspoon supporting, to proceed with the creation of the local EMS authority as laid out in the referenced letter dated January 26, 2021, including the City of Charlevoix, Charlevoix Township, Hayes Township, Marion Township, Eveline Township and Norwood Township. A roll call vote was taken and the Motion passed unanimously. (M-07-21) The matter being further discussed that Dan Thorp will be involved in the creation of the Authority and the foregoing Motion was amended to reflect that. (M-08- 21)


Township Office

Discussed the remodeling of the office, to place dividers and other improvements. Jodi Bergman will be contacted for her input as to a design. Williams made the Motion to with Witherspoon supporting to approve the remodeling of the Township Office. Motion passed unanimously. (M-09-21 ) The purchase of two lap taps for the Supervisor and Treasurer was discussed.


Township Credit Cards

The Township credit cards were discussed. Stewart made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to remove Chuck Center’s name from the Township credit card and replace the card with just Charlevoix Township, also removing Greg Seese name’s from the Fire Department card and have it state Fire Department and adding another credit card for the water department. Motion passed unanimously. (M-10-21)

Stewart made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to remove Annie Burnett and add Marlene Golovich to paperwork. (M-11-21)

Update from Supervisor

  • Salt spreader seems to be working well
  • Zoom meetings seem to be going well.


Fire Department

The Fire Department is in need of leather halter straps for radios. The matter will be discussed at a special meeting to held on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Short Term Rental/Recreational Marijuana Ordinances

The status of the ordinances were discussed.

Public Comments: None

Next regular meeting scheduled for March 10th.


The meeting adjourned at 8:44pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.