February 17th, 2021

Call To Order

Abbie Hart called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Other members present: Nancy Rajewski, Dan Ulrich, Josh Glass and Ron Fratrick. Others Present: Supervisor Tim Kochanny, Cynthia Postmus, Bob Jess and attorney John Jarema.

Minutes of the November 18, 2020 were discussed. Ulrich moved that the minutes be approved, Glass seconded. A vote was taken and the Motion carried unanimously.

New Business



Old Business

Review of Short Term Rental Ordinance Review

The proposed Ordinance was discussed. Items discussed: The frequency of inspections was discussed; frequency of license renewal, when sent to the board, steps to be taken next, bedroom classification, what was included in inspections and who completed the inspections

Public Comment: Cynthia Postmus, PaBaShan Lane resident, discussed a home on PaBaShan which has been turned into a short term rental and the issues that she has experienced. Holding events, amount of cars/parking, amount of people per bedroom, septic not adequate per amount of people allowed, etc.


Recreational Marijuana Ordinance

The status of the proposed recreational marijuana ordinance was discussed.


Zoning Administrator’s Report was reviewed and discussed.

Correspondence: None

Other: Discussed the next meeting date of March 17, 2021.

The meeting adjourned at 8:18pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.