February 13th, 2023

Call to Order

Members Present: Supervisor Dan Ulrich, Sandra Witherspoon, Theda Williams and JB Hoyt. Kate Stewart was absent. A roll call was taken.

Agenda: Discussed if it was necessary to have the reaffirmation of the rezone for Brian Noirot on the agenda. It was later decided that it was necessary.

Minutes: The Minutes of the regular meeting held January 9, 2023, were reviewed Hoyt made the motion with Witherspoon supporting, to approve the minutes as with corrections. All in favor. Motion carried unanimously. (M07-23)

Financial Report

Treasurer Williams was present to discuss the accounts as of the end of January, the General Fund was at $393,348.63. There is $305,624.40 in tax money which will go into the new account at 4Front. Which is a total of $698,973.03 in the general fund. Water Fund is at $114,555.70 and the Fire Department account is at $301,517.49. The Fire Department Bond is $95,459.86 and Trust and Agency is at $4,355.22. The budget was reviewed and discussed.


Fire Department: Chief Dan Thorp was present to discuss the Fire Department. Total of 8 calls. Had a house they burned down for training. A donation was received. Another home will be burned down Friday night for training. There is a producer that is working on a project on first responders and will include something on the next control burn.

EMS: Should be in the new building at Hayes Township on the 15th of next month.

Water Department: Dan Riley was present to discuss the Water Department. Indicated that it was a crazy month. Had one water quality complaint that has been resolved. The need to replace the emergency generator for the northside building was discussed. It will take up to 50 weeks to get a new generator with an approximate cost of $81,000. Hoyt made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to move forward with the Windemuller project as outlined by Riley. All in favor. Motion carried unanimously. (M-08-23) The Consumer Confidence report was submitted to EGLE. Continuing with lead line verification. Will have the list by the end of February.

Zoning Administrator Report: John Ferguson’s report was reviewed and discussed.

Recreation Department: Submitted two grant proposals to the County Recreation Department for their for tax appropriation money to improve picnic area (ordered 6 picnic tables) also requested funds for benches and trash receptacles. Discussed observation deck at was discussed. Deck is in good condition and may need a step or two added due to erosion.

Public Comment: None


Old Business

Township Logo: Cathy Libert has submitted three samples for a new township logo. The matter was reviewed and discussed. Cathy will take the comments and send the updated logos within two to three weeks.

Noirot Property: Bryan Noirot’s property rezone was discussed. Need to reaffirm the vote to approve rezone and publish in the newspaper and file with Equalization. Williams made the Motion, with Hoyt supporting, to reaffirm the rezone of Bryan Noirot’s property. All in favor. Motion carried unanimously. (M-09-23)


New Business

Infrastructure Planning: Discussed water infrastructure and the need for a plan for future replacement of the aging pipes. Currently 37% of the system is at or nearing replacement age with an estimated cost of $10,000,000.00 within the next ten years. Discussed the many phases of the proposed process. Funding possibilities were discussed including a low interest rate loan through the government or millage/bond. Should seek out and find a company to help with the process. The need to establish a sinking fund/capital improvement fund for the future improvements was talked about. It was suggested that Gozling Czubak or a similar company be contacted to help direct the Township on how to proceed.

Township Fire Department: The funding for future operation and capital purchases were discussed. Have been researching engines due to future needs. Also reviewed needs for other items within the station. Discussed the possibility of forming an authority, for now would like to keep the fire department under the control of the Township.

Township Roads and Streets: Took a ride with Road Commission to look a few streets that need repair. Mercer, Division (which is a city street) Old US 31 South, and Lakeshore Drive. Bells Bay Road is being taken care of by the Commission. Will work on building a road or two into the budget. There are funds available from the County Road Commission money. Upgrade and improve boat launch. Concerns were expressed about having wide enough shoulders to allow for pedestrians and bicycles.

Resolution #23-003: Update to Poverty Exemption Policy was reviewed. Williams made the Motion, with Hoyt supporting, to approve Resolution 23-003. All in favor. Motion carried unanimously. (M-10- 23)

Resolution ##23-004: Discussed the naming of Cvx Lane Hoyt made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to approve the name: Cvx Lane. All in favor and the Motion carries. (M-11-23)

Update from Supervisor: The Supervisor has been in contact with Dixon Engineering. Still some work to be done with agreements and understandings with cell carriers. EGLE had advised that the project on BC Road stop.

Announcement: Board was invited to the elected leaders summit February 27th from 4:30-8. Williams can attend Hoyt and Ulrich have RSVP. Hoyt went to GLE Summit and he shared his experience and what her took away from the conference.

Correspondence: None

Authorization to pay bills: Williams made the Motion, with Witherspoon supporting, to allow the Clerk to pay the bills; All in favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M12-23)

Public Comments: None

Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.
BOIL WATER ADVISORY:  Charlevoix Township Water System lost pressure and contamination may have occurred.BOIL YOUR WATER BEFORE USING. Effective Start Date: Monday March 20th, 2023, at 9am
Streets Affected: Western Ave, Beach Dr (Western to Central Ave), Cottage Ave (Western Ave to Central Ave) and Cedar Lane.