August 9th, 2021

Call To Order

The Charlevoix Township Board Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with members Williams, Witherspoon, Stewart and Ulrich present.

The Minutes of the July 12 Board Meeting, the July 26, 2021 Special Meeting and the July 29, 2021 Special Meeting  Minutes with approved with a notation of change for the July 12, 2021 Board Meeting.  A change has been made to how Dan Thorp is paid.  He will be paid directly through EMS instead of the Township. Minutes were approved.

Financial Report

The Financial Report was given by Treasurer Williams.  At the end of July the general fund had $446.622.17; the Water Fund had $38,337.31; the Fire Department had $12,329.25; Trust and Agency was at $271.84; and the Fire Department Bond $154,254.47.


Water Department:

Dan Riley gave an overview of the Water Department:  Completed lead and copper sampling; busy time for water sampling; Inspections for the cross connection program will begin in September.  The fire barn well has valves the need replaced which will cause a brief water outage in the Pine Point area.  Irrigation bids were reviewed and discussed.  Discussed the different issues with irrigation in Township grounds.  Stewart made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to approve the improvements to the irrigation system. All in favor, Motion pass unanimously. (M-49-21)  Option 1 was proposal 3005 3124

Fire Department:

Dan Thorp gave an overview of the Fire Department:  Discussed the need for a fire hydrant by the fire department; There have been 25 fire calls (structure fire, car accidents).  Discussed Venetian,  will try to come up with numbers on the cost of Venetian. Venetian did go smoothly. Engine 5601 is back and in service; Discussed night stays at the Hall, to allow night coverage.  It has worked out to have better response to calls and save money by not having too many people come out to a call.  

Parks and Recreation:


Zoning Administrator:

Zoning Administrator John Furguson’s report was reviewed and discussed. 

EMS Authority:

Kate Stewart gave an update the new EMS authority.  There was a bill to the township for  $25,092.07.  She stated that monthly budget draws will drop once paperwork is completed.  Discussed d loan from Charlevoix State Bank and return a percentage to the city and townships involved.   Numbers should go down or be eliminated once a millage has passed.  Witherspoon made the Motion, with Williams supporting to pay the bill as presented.  (M-50-21) All in favor, motion carried unanimously.

Northern Lakes Economic Alliance: 

Supervisor Center brought up an invoice received Northern Lakes Economic Alliance; the matter was discussed.  Stewart made the Motion, with Ulrich supporting, to the pay the $3,000 bill 

Public Comment:  None

Old Business

Dan Barron, on behalf of Charlevoix Venetian Festival, was present to discuss the Venetian Festival’s overall benefit of community building, supporting civic, charitable and school groups.Believes the Township should take a leadership role and requested the Township enter into a contract for 2022.Williams made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to support the Venetian Festival with $7,500 for 2022.(M51-21) All in Favor, Motion carried unanimously. Williams rescinded previous Motion (M51-21), with Witherspoon supporting, as it seemed that it was not completely understood by all parties.All in favor.Motion passed unanimously. (M-52-22)Williams then made the Motion with Ulrich supporting, to support the Venetian Festival for up to $7,500 in 2022.(M-53-21)All in favor.Motion passed unanimously.

Attorney Status:Attorney John Jarema’s services was discussed. Options of an hourly rate vs. working with a contract . It was discussed that John Ferguson and the Board would be the point of contact to Mr. Jarema.Ulrich made the Motion to hire John Jarema for the Township legal counsel, with Stewart supporting.All in favor.Motion carries unanimously.(M-54-21)

Luther Kurtz is scheduling a fundraiser for worker housing.He requested use the North Point Beach as a drop zone for one day.Beach would need to be secure/safe for jumpers.He should provide the Township with a copy of insurance.Williams made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to use the beach for the dates specified for the skydiving fundraiser. All in favor. Motion carried unanimously. (M55-21)

Amy Mendal, summarized letter sent to the board; She is a homeowners in Boulder Park, on a cul de sac behind the hospital. Discussed the issues they are having with tourists viewing Mushroom Houses.Increased traffic, looking in windows, tour guides consistent talking, walking on lawns, parking in the road.It is interfering with their ability to enjoy their homes.Rick Cowen’s home has been in his family for 3 generation and agrees with Amy Mendal’s statements. He proposes the Township post signs, authorized vehicles only or seasonal closure.It has become impossible in the last few years. Boulder Park resident Brenda Kovinsky added that she called the Sheriff due to the busses, cars, limos, bikes, golf carts, etc. Believes that it is a City problem as well as they put up signs pointing out mushrooms houses.Dan Thorpe stated that he has witnessed the issues residents are having. It was suggested the group to attend a City meeting, contact County Representative, contact the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Department and contact the Charlevoix County Road Commission.


Update from the supervisor:  None

Williams made the Motion with Stewart supporting, to the pay the bills as presented.  Motion carried unanimously (M56-21)

Public Comment:  Nancy LaCroix wanted to mention how generous the Township is.  The Township donates about 3 million gallons of water to Mt. McSauba; she inquired if the township paid for the piping and/or electricity and the amount of years this has been done.  This has been done for about 5 years.  Dan Riley will give her more information on her request at a later time. 

Announcements: None

The meeting adjourned at 8:38pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.