April 20th, 2022

Call to Order

Ehinger called the meeting to order in the Charlevoix Township Hall. Other members present: Ron Fratrick, Abbie Hart and Dan Ulrich. Others present: Zoning Administrator John Ferguson, Larry Sullivan and Mark Snyder.

The Minutes of the February 16 Meeting were Discussed Ehinger were discussed and accepted as presented.

Old Business

Master Plan: Larry Sullivan was present to discuss new demographic data. It was discussed if the Master Plan should be updated with the available data or wait until the census data is released. A Board Member will meet with Larry Sullivan to update the Master Plan with the available data. Master Plan updates will be reviewed at the May Planning Commission meeting. Each Board Member should go over Master Plan and make notes and forward to Mary Ann Ehinger or Larry Sullivan.

Beaver Island Boat Company: Status of the BIBCO Parking Site Plan was discussed.

New Business

Reviewed and discussed handout provided by Steve Schnell regarding the need for housing in the area.

Short Term Rental Ordinance: Asked by the Board to discussed possible amendment to add a cap to the Short Term Rental Ordinance. The matter was reviewed and discussed. There are types of restrictions were discussed along with the difficulty of doing it. Mark Snyder, a local realtor and member of the Community Housing Committee was present to discuss the matter. He feels the limit will be an issue in the future. Suggested that the board is careful about the restrictions placed on property use and manage it by using it with ordinances already in place. Rely on the nuisance ordinance, educate people and clear communication. The matter was tabled and the matter will be discussed at a future meeting.

Public Comment: None

Zoning Administrator: John Ferguson was present to review is the submitted Zoning Administrator’s Report.

Correspondence: None

The meeting adjourned at 8:32pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.