April 19th, 2023 Planning Commission

Role Call

Members present:Mary Ann Ehinger called the meeting in the Charlevoix Township Hall. Others present: Ben Owens, Bradford Lewis, Ron Fratrick and JB Hoyt.

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of the December 2022 Meeting were accepted as presented.


Old Business

Shoreline Protection: Barry Hicks, with Land Information Access Association (LIAA) (via Zoom), Jennifer McKay of Tip of the Mitt (via Zoom) and Tom Darton, President of the Lake Charlevoix Association spoke. Discussed long term shoreline protection, education and preservation. They will have planning workshops available in the fall and wll return to ask for involvement, to be ready for when the water does come back.

Master Plan Update: Discussed the upcoming revisions of the Master Plan


New Business

Hevey Project: Catherine Ellis was present on behalf of James Hevey, to discuss the “skydominiums”. The matter was reviewed and discussed. Property is currently zoning commercial and residential is not allowed in commercial. Further information was requested.

Old Senior Citizen’s Building: Discussed Albert Shindorf’s proposed plans for the Old Senior Citizens Building. Proposing seven condominium units and a commercial kitchen. The current zoning is R2. Requested that the board review the ordinance and further review that matter in May.

St. Mary Cement Site Plan Review: The annual review of St. Mary Cement Mining Plan was discussed along with the need of a getting a civil engineer to review the plan.

Request for addition to tiny houses to the master plan. There was a request to consider the possibility of adding “tiny houses” to the Master Plan. Ehninger handed out documents pertaining to small/tiny houses for the Board to review. Discussed pros and cons of small/tiny homes.

Pine Point Development on Boyne City Road. After talking to the County Building Inspector, was informed that the matter is still on hold.

Zoning Administrator: John Ferguson’s Report was reviewed and discussed.


Meeting adjourned at 9:01pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.
The boil water advisory has been lifted