April 12, 2021

Call To Order

The Charlevoix Township Board Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Kochanny with Board Members Stewart, Ulrich, Williams and Witherspoon.

Others present: Dan Riley, Dan Thorp, Annie Doyle, Mike Ritter, John Jarema, CaseyRiley, Abbie Hart, Keith, Andy, TLSHAEVSKY Thomas Kapanowski, DGLACROIX, Paul Nowak, J. Moore Breett Binkle, Ronald Williams George, Shelly Diss, Bob Jess , Dan Thorp, Erin Bemis, Sarah Hagan, Terri Minor, Ronald Williams

The minutes of the meeting held March 8, 2021 were accepted. Stewart made the Motion to approve the minutes, with Witherspoon supporting (with correction of removing special meeting) Minutes were approved.


Financial Report

The financial report was given by Treasurer Williams. As of the end of March, the General Fund was $709,672.04, the Water Department, $66,967.24, Fire Department $20,079.94, Trust and Agency $5,745.29.


Water Department:

Dan Riley reported that the south side of town will have new water mains put in next month. Casey, Justin and Dan working on classes for water license. There are three proposals that did not make it on the agenda. Todd Klinger has been working part time, 12-24 hours, and was brought on to do asset locating and would like to keep him on to help with miss dig, valve turning and would like to keep for 24 hours a week during the summer. Williams made the Motion, with Stewart supporting to continue Todd Klinger’s employment during the summer up to 24 hours a week. (M-19-21) Motion carries unanimously. Hydrocorp proposals were discussed. They are a cross connection company who will come in and take care of commercial inspections and record keeping. There were two quotes presented, one for commercial and one for residential, with a cost around $8,000 yearly. Williams made the Motion with Stewart supporting, to approve using Hydrocorp. (M-20-21) Motion carries unanimously. Would like to discuss water rates at the next meeting. Peerless Midwest would like to talk to the Board and explain what happed at the PaBaShan Well site.

Parks and Recreation:

Justin explained that he is getting fields ready for the year. Getting equipment out and ready. Proposals for redoing the tennis courts were discussed along with the removal of trees around the tennis courts. Estimates were received from: Pro Surfaces for $42,000 for tennis and basketball; Pentco was $57,000 for both; Racquet Sports was about $49,000 for both. Justin recommends Pro Surfaces. Believes that removing the trees may extend life of the court surface, fence is for the most part in good shape. It was discussed adjusting the budget by moving funds from the capital improvement account to the recreational maintenance account. Williams made the motion, with Stewart supporting, to adjust the budget by moving $30,000 from capital improvement and place it in recreational maintenance, all were in favor and Motion passed unanimously. (M-21-21) the Chain link fence around soccer and baseball field was discussed. Harbor Fencing gave an approximate quote $4,600 to $5,600 to move fence in two feet away from the ditch and repair all other fencing. Stewart made the Motion with Williams supporting, to repair the fences. All in favor. Motion passed unanimously. (M-22-21)

Fire Department:

Chief Thorp reported that they had couple of car accidents, pellet stove fire, false alarms, multiple grass fires, a structure fire and a few EMS assists. The 800 radios are working well. He have several applications. Discussed the first run engine. The entire engine may need to be rebuilt. A Motor overhaul is a $17,500, not including head gaskets or pump. Stewart made the motion, with Witherspoon supporting, to repair the firetruck. All in favor, motion passed unanimously. (M-23-21)

Zoning Administrator.

Zoning Administrator report was reviewed and discussed.


Old Business

Short Term Ordinance is in effect and going well. Applications and money are coming in.

Public Comments: Joni Moore spoke regarding the recreational marijuana ordinance, addressing concerns recently listed in the Charlevoix Courier; Bob Jess spoke regarding the money that would benefit Township from this ordinance and the presence of marijuana in the community already. George Perrett spoke regarding his opinion against marijuana, feels the negatives outweigh the positive; Paul Nowak agrees with Mr. Perrett’s comments; Dan Thorp spoke against. Shelly Diss spoke asked about short term rentals and inquired if there is a list short term rental owners (the ordinance requires neighbors within 300 feet to be notified) She also agrees that there is a lot of resources that back the benefits of cannabis. Thomas Kapanowski spoke about the effects of alcohol and the negative issues that go with it and feels there are benefits of marijuana. Mike MacMillan is in favor of the ordinance for retail sales. Don Swank spoke on his views against recreational marijuana.

Attorney John Jarema spoke, giving the background on the issue of recreational marijuana establishments. There is currently an Opt Out Ordinance and to move forward suggests the board entertain a motion direction counsel to prepare a Recreational Marijuana Ordinance. A discussion ensued.

Witherspoon made the Motion, with Ulrich supporting to allow Township Attorney John Jarema to move forward with the preparation on a recreational marijuana ordinance. Each board member gave their opinions and a roll call vote was taken with two supporting (Witherspoon and Ulrich) and three against (Stewart, Williams and Kochanny). Motion failed. (M-24-21)

New Business

Audit Report

The audit report has been completed and is available in the office. The office is still in the middle of a remodel

Bill Pay

Williams made the Motion, with Stewart supporting, to pay the bills as submitted. Motion carried unanimously. (M-25-21)

Public Comments: none

The meeting adjourned at 9:18pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.