April 11th, 2022

Members Present

Supervisor Chuck Center, Kate Stewart, Dan Ulrich, Sandy Witherspoon and Theda Williams.

The minutes of the March 14, 2022 meeting were approved.

Financial Report

General Fund was $628,751.29, Water Fund was $83,257.61 Fire Department Fund was at $128,466.78, Trust and Agency was $5,706.36 and Fire Department Bond was $182,198.95. The Budget was reviewed and discussed. Water sales were underestimated in the budget and discussed increasing water fund budget for this to $290,000. Witherspoon made the Motion, with Ulrich supporting, to adjust the income budget for the water fund. All in favor and the Motion carries unanimously. (M-12-22) Williams indicated that she will be doing the reporting for the fiscal recovery money.


Water Department:

Dan Riley was present to discuss the water department. No water quality complaints. The Cross Connection Report and Consumer Confidence report was submitted. Riley is creating rules/guidelines for water system. Charlevoix Estates Meter should be replaced at the end of the month. Discussed the financing for the water tower repairs and would like to see how the water fund looks at the end of summer to see where we are. Working on quotes for water control updates. Hoping to have the complete information by the next meeting. Discussed repairs made to wells. Vehicle leasing was discussed. Stewart made the Motion, with Ulrich supporting, to approve the five- year lease of a truck . (M-13-22) All in favor, Motion carries unanimously. The old truck and van will be in the spring auction. Discussed cross connection report and the list of plumbers who can do the report. Will place on the website along with the phone numbers. Bulk water sales were discussed. Ulrich made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to bill commercial users of bulk water of $1,000 per year. All in favor, motion carried. (M-14-22)

Fire Department/EMS:

Fire: Chief Dan Thorp was present an update on the fire department/EMS. Discussed the need to remove dead trees. Reviewed and discussed bid. Stewart made the Motion, with Williams supporting, to approve the bid submitted by Drost to remove the trees. All in favor, Motion passes unanimously. (M-15-22) The fire run report was reviewed and discussed. Working on a control burn on Klooster Road.

EMS: Next meeting scheduled for this Wednesday. A new ambulance was purchased should be in service next month. Moving forward with the station in Hayes Township. Currently working on budget. Discussed the purchase of a truck for Greg to go to station to station. Discussed the upcoming contracts renewals with the City, Eveline, Norwood and Little Traverse Cay Band and possibly renegotiate the Hayes Township contract. Will have a special Board Meeting on Monday, April 18 at 10:00am, to address the contracts.

Public Comments: Bob Jess was present to discuss the creation of a recreational marijuana ordinance for the Township. He discussed the benefits to the Township of allowing facilities. The Board discussed placing it on the ballot. Witherspoon will call the MTA to discuss how to get this on the ballot. He also discussed his water bill and the service fee from the City of Charlevoix.

Old Business

Ginger Stevens was present to discuss her proposal for the Old Senior Citizen building. The Township assessor estimated a value of $150,000 to $190,000 and a realtor estimated it around $200,000. Would like to sell the building, if possible. If not could give away to someone for a community use. Discussed getting sealed bids for the property see what kind of interest there is in it. Place on the website and in the newspaper.

Recreation Department:

Perkins was present with an update. He is working on ordering the windscreens since the check from Charlevoix County Community Foundation was received. Getting ready for summer.

Wood Chipping and Spring Clean Up: Reviewed and discussed wood chipping bid from Drost. Spring Clean Up: May 9 for the spring clean-up/trash pick-up which is for residential only. There are requirements for what they pick up, which will be posted on the website. Stewart made the Motion, with Witherspoon supporting, to approve the wood chipping to be done on May 23 and the spring clean-up/trash pick-up for May 9. All in favor, Motion carries unanimously. (M-16-22)

Mt McSauba: Discussed the water contract for Mt. McSauba. Need to get more information and review the contract further. Work out a few draft proposals to review at the next board meeting.

Disposition of property at 6055 Old U.S 31 South. The Township can’t make a profit on the property – any surplus funds would go to Charlevoix County. The matter was tabled.

Update from Township: Emily Selph from Charlevoix County contacted the Township regarding a road name/house numbering system issue. A road name will need to be changed or houses renumbered. Will contact the owners to get their input/preference.

Williams made the motion, with Stewart supporting, to approve the Motion to pay bills as presented. All in Favor. Motion carries unanimously. (M-17-22)

Public Comments: Mr. Hoyt discussed the need for a cap on short term rentals and brought up the issue on how many people are allowed per bedroom for some short term rentals.

Announcements: None

The meeting adjourned at 8:42pm

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.