Annual Services

Fall Leaf Cleanup

Curbside leaf collection will begin Monday, October 10th and continue until weather no longer allows us to collect safely. Please note that days of inclement weather will result in your leaf collection being the next business day.

We ask residents to follow these rules:

  • No branches, logs or sticks in pile
  • No rocks, stones or concrete in the pile
  • No refuse in the piles
  • Pile to be place on curb/road edge, not to interfere with traffic flow
  • Please make piles long and narrow
  • Do not place piles in bottom of drainage ditches
  • Only what can be vacuumed up by leaf collector hose will be collected
  • Leaves, plants and other soft natural material will be collected

Failure the follow these rules will result in no pick up at your residence

Pickup Route

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
McSauba Ave Pa Ba Shan Lane Martin Rd All South Side WITHIN Charlevoix Township Limits
Division Ave Pine Ridge Dr Boyne City-Charlevoix Road
Carson Ave Waller Rd (Mercer Ave to US-31) Western Ave
Beechwoods Old Orchard Rd Central Ave
Mercer Ave Nortons Ct Eastern Ave
Waller (Mercer Ave to McSauba Ave. Scotts Ct Indian Pl
North Pointe Woods Drive Detars Ct Arbutus Ave
Campbell Ct PD North Country Club Dr Fern Pl
Pleasant St Clubhouse Dr Birchcrest Ave
Maple St Country Club Ct Cottage Rd
Cedar St Whippoorwill Beach Dr
Bay St Weislik Ct HWY US-31 North
Peal Ave
Boulder Farms Ln
Boulder Farms Dr

Spring Cleanup

Annual Refuse (Trash) Pickup will take place on May 9th, 2022.

The following items will NOT be accepted.

  • Any items containing freon without a certificate
  • Gas, oil or antifreeze
  • Engine or mechanical parts containing gas, oil, or antifreeze fluids
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Yard waste, lawn clippings, tree branches or brush
  • Any combustible items

Branch Chipping

Branch chipping will occur on the week of May 23rd, 2022. Branches should not be more than six inches in diameter and piled in a neat order. If anything presents a safety hazard to the chippers, it will be left behind. Their safety is our main concern.

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The April 21st meeting of the Planning Commission has been canceled.