Zoning Administrator Position Announcement

Position: Deputy Zoning Administrator

Department: Charlevoix Township Zoning Department

Supervision: Zoning Administrator

Location: Charlevoix Township Hall, 12491 Waller Rd. Charlevoix, MI. 49720

Rate of Pay: To be determined by Charlevoix Township Board

Essential Requirements: Applicant must be a licensed Zoning Administrator

Position Summary: The Deputy Zoning Administrator works under the general supervision of the Zoning Administrator. The Deputy position includes the licensing and enforcement of the Short Term Rental Ordinance for Charlevoix Township and other duties assigned by the Zoning Administrator.

Please submit a letter of interest to the Charlevoix Township Supervisor: Tim Kochanny by email: or by mail to

Charlevoix Township Hall
12491Waller Rd.
Charlevoix, MI. 49720

2018 Water Quality Test Results

This report covers the drinking water quality for the Charlevoix Township Water System for calendar year 2018. This information is a snapshot of the quality of the water that we provided to you in 2018. Included are details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) standards.

Urban Deer Management

  • Archery hunters are able to hunt in urban areas. There is no safety zone associated with archery equipment anymore so this is a viable option for many urban areas. They need the appropriate licenses to hunt during the season and we highly recommend that neighbors are made aware and are supportive of the hunting activities.
  • Wildlife Services is an excellent option for urban areas since they are able to perform the removals efficiently and quietly.
  • Managed Hunts- we have had these in the past, often times local law enforcement takes the lead with these. If it’s out of season we provide the permits and can help with guidance.
  • Education campaigns are a big part of this in order to get approval from home-owners in many areas. It’s also important to educate about ways to deter deer from areas (certain plants are unpalatable for deer, no feeding of wildlife in these areas, etc.).
  • If a hunter shoots a deer and it runs onto someone else’s property they are not allowed to retrieve the deer until they receive permission from the landowner. If the landowner doesn’t give permission the hunter must let the lie.

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