Agenda for August 10th, 2020 Board Meeting

Roll Call

Charlevoix Township Officers: Chuck Center, Supervisor, Theda Williams, Treasurer, Sandra Witherspoon, Clerk,
David Christiansen, Trustee, Nancy Rajewski, Trustee

Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting, July 13th, 2020

Treasurer’s Report

General Fund:____________

Water Fund:___________

Fire Fund:____________

Water Dept. Fire Dept. and Zoning Administrator Reports:

Fire Dept. Donations

Brief Public Comments (3 minutes)

Old Business:

New Business:

1. Insurance Renewal
2. Charlevoix Township Hospital Finance Authority
3. Request from LaFontaine Ford re; Lake to Lake Trail
4. Dan Riley, loss of personal property
5. EMS invoice, City of Charlevoix
6. Donation to the Venetian Festival

Update from Township Supervisor: Correspondence:

Authorization to pay bills:

Public Comments (5 minutes) – Announcements:

Adjournment –

We respectfully ask that you follow these Rules of Courtesy:
1. We ask that you voluntarily state your name for the Board
2. Direct all comments to the Supervisor
3. Keep comments brief and to the point (3 minutes per person)
4. We recommend that you do not repeat previous comments or questions
made by others
5. Do not speak while others are speaking

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