March 12, 2018


The Charlevoix Township Board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with Board Members Rajewski, Christiansen, Williams and Witherspoon present.

The minutes of the regular January 8, 2018 Board meeting and minutes of the Special Meeting on January 31, 2018 were accepted as presented.

The financial report was given by Treasurer Williams.  She indicated that loan from the water fund to the general fund which has been repaid back into the water fund.

Clyde Johnson of Gosling & Czubak discussed the water department audit.  He reviewed water department records and met with Randy Holecheck and Performance Engineers.  He discussed the need for better record keeping to ensure the water system is being operated and cared for correctly.  The Asset Management Plan was timely submitted but may need some work to be done to it.   He recommends that the Board establish a Level of Service to be added to the Asset Management Plan.  Report contains further recommendations for improvement.

Public Comments were heard regarding cross connections and if guides for documentation of system

Aaron Nordman of Performance Engineers, Inc. (PEI) gave an update on the transition to Operator in Charge.  They are getting familiar to water system and training Dan Riley be become Operator in Charge.  Developing better understanding of day to day operations.    An updated Emergency Response Plan was submitted for review.  Witherspoon made the Motion, with Rajewski supporting, to accept the updated Emergency Response Plan.  Motion carried unanimously (M-04-18).  A Cross Connection Control Program was submitted to the Board for review.  Rajewski made a Motion, supported by Witherspoon, to adopt the Cross Connection Control Program.  Motion carried unanimously (M-05-18)  PEI is prioritizing areas for future improvements.  Some meters need to be replaced.  The auto dialer system for alarm is south tower is not working correctly.  Riley is getting estimates for replacing controls in the alarm.  Motion to approve work on the on North Tank was made by Williams, supported by Center.  Motion carried unanimously. (M-06-18)

Fire department report was given. Fire Chief Thorp discussed the need for possible repairs needed to driveway.  Should review once the snow has gone.  He has fire trucks being repaired, taking fire inspection classes and writing a grant to cover costs of bullet proof vests.

Mason & Kammerman reviewed audit report as unmodified and fairly presented

Motion for the Fire Department to have its own fund was made by Rajewski, supported by Witherspoon. Motion carried unanimously.  (M-07-18)

The Vacation/Sick Day Policy, last review was in 2005, was approved as is.

Discussed the need for the Fire Department to have a credit card to purchase needed items.

Christianson made a Motion, supported by Williams, to approve obtaining a credit card from Charlevoix State Bank with a limit of $2,500.  Motion carried unanimously. (M-08-18)

Matts Underground submitted a final invoice.  Motion was made by Christianson, supported by Witherspoon to pay the invoice.  Motion carried unanimously (M-09-18)

The Site Planning Contract for fertilization was discussed.  A Motion was made by Rajewski, supported by Christianson, to approve Site Planning contract.  Motion carried unanimously.  (M-10-18)

Repairs needed for the 2014 Township pick up truck.  Estimates were reviewed, and a Motion was made by Williams, supported by Rajewski, to accept bid for repairs from South Point Collision in the amount of $1,628.00.  Motion carried unanimously (M-11-18)

Discussed the need for a representative on the Charlevoix Township Hospital Finance Authority.  Motion was made by Christianson, supported by Witherspoon, to approve the reappointment of Mike Hinkle.  Motion carried unanimously.  (M-12-18)

The need to replace flooring in the records room was discussed.  A Motion to approve the bid by Affordable Flooring was made by Williams and supported by Rejewski.  Motion carried unanimously.  (M-13-18)

Williams made the motion, with Christiansen supporting, to allow the Clerk to pay bills presented and appropriated. Motion carried unanimously.   (M-14-18)


Public Comments:

It was brought to the Boards attention that the bump on Waller Road is back.

An update on the dock by Medusa was requested. It was indicated that the Township is waiting for Northern Lakes Economic Alliance cost estimates.  All Board Members indicated that are in favor of the dock.  There is no time frame for the installation.

The meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

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