January 8, 2018


The Charlevoix Township Board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with Board Members Rajewski and Christiansen present.  Williams and Witherspoon absent.

The minutes of the regular December 11, 2017 Board meeting and minutes of the Special Meeting on December 28, 2017 were accepted as presented.

The financial report was given by Supervisor Center.

Supervisor Center read aloud Randy Holecheck’s letter of resignation from the water department.

Fire department report was given. Fire Chief Thorp discussed the need for classes in the International Fire Code; Discussed need for replacement of turnout gear, which needs to be replaced every 10 years.  Applying for grant to cover a portion of the cost of the turnout gear.  Also discussed need to clear snow from fire hydrants.

During public comment, the Board was asked for clarification about who would be affected by Fire Code, which would by any place with ansul and sprinkler systems.  Also suggested that a grant be obtained from the County to pay for the dock expenses..

Motion to accept a bid from North By Nature proposal for maintenance of the South Side gardens. Motion carried unanimously (M-01-18)

Supervisor Center discussed filling water department position.  Dan Riley was interviewed.  Performance Engineers will become operators in charge of system.  Once Mr. Riley is trained and licensed, he will become Operator in Charge and Performance Engineers will become back-up water system operators.  A contract will be drawn up by attorneys, along with job description. After discussion, Christiansen made the motion, with Rajewski supporting that the Township hire Dan Riley.  Motion carried unanimously (M-02-18)

Public Comment was made about background checks on employees and the possibility of joining forces with the City of Charlevoix.

Supervisor Center submitted $10,000 request to Charlevoix County Parks and Recreation project fund for rubber nuggets for playground.

Rajewski made the motion, with Christiansen supporting, to allow the Clerk to pay bills presented and appropriated. Motion carried unanimously.  (M-03-18)

The meeting adjourned at 7:38 p.m.

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