Spring Water Flushing

The Charlevoix Township Water Department will begin its spring water main flushing program on Tuesday May 1, 2018 and ending May 4, 2018.  Water main flushing is a necessary routine maintenance procedure to remove sediment accumulation from the pipes.  The flushing effort will be focused on dead end sections of the water main, but all customers will be impacted.  The planned schedule for flushing will begin on the North side for the May 1-3 and move to the South side for May 3-4.

While the actual flushing will take place at hydrants, customers may notice reduced pressure at their home or business while flushing and then discolored water and/or dislodged sediments immediately following the flushing.  The Township recommends that customers run water until it clears through either an outside hose bibb or to a tub or sink fixture with the aerator removed to prevent sediments from entering more sensitive plumbing fixtures when they first use water.  We also recommend that customers postpone laundry and automatic dishwashing during the hours of 9 am to 2 pm while the Township is flushing.

The Township appreciates your understanding and cooperation during this maintenance activity.  Any questions should be directed to the Township offices at (231) 547-4611.

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